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Dummy Rounds (Ammo) for Training
Description   These dummy rounds cannot be mistaken for live rounds and are totally inert. The brass case eliminates rim breakage and the one-piece ABS will not compress. The color makes them visible regardless of terrain and will glow brilliantly under black or blue light. These dummy rounds are used for malfunction drills, diagnosing shooting problems, gun handling drills, and classroom work.
LE DR040   .40 cal Dummy Rounds (10/pk)   $10.20          
LE DR045   .45 cal Dummy Rounds (10/pk)   $9.00          
LE DR223   .223 cal Dummy Rounds (10/pk)   $9.00          
LE DR12G   12 Gauge Dummy Rounds (10/pk)   $14.00          
LE DR308   .308 cal Dummy Rounds (10/pk)   $9.00          
LEDR038   .38 cal Dummy Round (Ammo) for Training (10/pk)   $10.00          
LE DR009   9mm Dummy Rounds (10/pk)   $10.00          
LEDRGAP   .45 GAP Dummy Round (Ammo) For Training Nickel Cases (10 pk)   $10.35          
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