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more_vertBasic Course Completion Cards (20/pk) (Restricted Item)
$1.50SKUNR40830ES26848More Details
Basic Course Completion Cards (20/pk) (Restricted Item)close

A small wallet-sized card made specifically for use by NRA Certified Instructors to give to students upon completion of training courses. Allows instructor to write or type in the name of the student and the name of the basic training course completed. Instructor signature and date lines too. This item is restricted to NRA Trainers...

more_vertBasic Course Student Registration Cards (25/pk)
$2.00SKUNR40830EF13540More Details
Basic Course Student Registration Cards (25/pk)close

Used by Certified Instructors to help them keep track of current and past students. Index-sized card with place for course date, checklist of course(s) taken, name of student, student's prior shooting experience, etc...

more_vertGun Safety Rules Card
$0.40SKUNR40830ES39977More Details
Gun Safety Rules Cardclose

This newly designed NRA Gun Safety Rules Card is an attractive two sided yellow, white, and black card which contains the 3 Primary Rules for Gun Safety and the NRA Rules When Using or Storing a Gun...

more_vertInstructor Course Completion Cards
$0.10SKUNR40830TT14690More Details
Instructor Course Completion Cardsclose

Given to new instructors by the Training Counselor in recognition of successful completion of a course of instruction. There is a place for the Training Counselor to list the discipline completed, a signature block for the Training Counselor, date, Training Counselor ID#, and ID expiration date...

$15.00SKUNR40830ES30612KMore Details

Packet contains material issued to students taking the NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course. NRA Guide to the Basics of Pistol Shooting Handbook that now contains the Basic Pistol Shooting Exam as a tear-out sheet in the book. Please note:  Basic Course Certificates are no longer sent with student packets.  You print the certificates after you submit the course report through nrainstructo..

$25.00SKUNR40830ES30625KMore Details

The NRA CCW course is specifically designed to meet the minimum requirements of all the different states, which issue Concealed Carry permits. In it, the course covers 10 different classroom lessons and can range from 1 to 16 hours. If necessary to meet the state or local requirements, a qualification course of fire may also be administered. In the NRA Instructor CCW course, instructors will teach..

more_vertPistol Instruction Wall Charts (7)
$19.00SKUNR40830EF13330More Details
Pistol Instruction Wall Charts (7)close

Supports Instructor Led and Blended courses. Set of 7, 29'' x 17''. Includes: Cartridge Components/Firing Sequence, Trigger Squeeze/Follow-Through, Handgun Parts (Revolver & Semi-Automatic), Gripping the Pistol, Sight Alignment/Sight Picture/Sight Adjustment, Pistol Shooting Positions (Benchrest, Two-handed, One-handed Standing), Three Rules for Safe Gun Handling...

more_vertSafe Gun Handling Poster/Wall Chart
$3.75SKUNR40830ES14240More Details
Safe Gun Handling Poster/Wall Chartclose

29'' x 17''. This poster is great to hang in your classroom or at the firing range. Grey with bright orange, to attract attention. States in large print the three rules for safe gun handling, with illustrations to exhibit the meaning of each rule...

more_vertThe NRA Trainers Guide
$8.50SKUNR40830EF13530More Details
The NRA Trainers Guideclose

Policies, procedures, instructor methodology, how to prepare, organize and teach a basic course. Common for all basic courses...

more_vertBasics of Pistol Shooting DVD
$19.95SKUNR40830ES30640More Details
Basics of Pistol Shooting DVDclose

The Basics of Pistol Shooting DVD is intended for anyone interested in learning how to safely operate, clean and select a pistol for any variety of activities. It can be viewed in the comfort of your home or as a complement to classroom instruction. Approximately 60 minutes in length...