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  1. Basics of Shotgun Shooting

    This updated handbook on shotgun shooting is one in a series of NRA publications on the basics of shooting. It is the student text for the Basic Shotgun Shooting Course and includes such topics as how your shotgun works, ammunition, selecting a shotgun, safety, caring for your shotgun, as well as new fundamentals of shotgun shooting. It also includes the NRA Safety Pledge (Gun Safety Rules), and Student Exam, which is perforated for easy detachment. Learn More
  2. NEW- NRA Guide to The Basics of Shotgun Shooting   (Restricted)

    NEW NRA Guide to the Basics of Shotgun Shooting- Restricted to NRA Certified Instructors and Training Counselors. Learn More
  3. Instructor Course Completion Cards

    Given to new instructors by the Training Counselor in recognition of successful completion of a course of instruction. There is a place for the Training Counselor to list the discipline completed, a signature block for the Training Counselor, date, Training Counselor ID#, and ID expiration date. Learn More
  4. The NRA Trainer's Guide (Restricted)

    Policies, procedures, instructor methodology, how to prepare, organize and teach a basic course. Common for all basic courses. Learn More
  5. Safe Gun Handling Poster/Wall Chart

    This poster is great to hang in your classroom or at the firing range. Learn More
  6. Shotgun Instructional Wall Charts

    Supports FIRST Steps & Basic Course. Set of 6, 22'' x 17''. Includes: Shotgun Action Types (Pump, Over & Under, Side by Side, Semi-automatic, Bolt), Shotgun Rules for Safe Handling, Ammunition (Shotshell Parts, Shot Size, Popular Shotshell Gauges, Firing Sequence), Shotgun Chokes and Their Functions, The Fundamentals of Shotgun Shooting, Shotgun Rules for Safe Shooting. PLEASE NOTE THE PICTURE SHOWS A TOTAL OF 7 CHARTS WHILE THE DESCRIPTION ONLY INDICATES 6. AT THE MOST RECENT PRINTING OF THIS ITEM THE SHOTGUN ACTIVITIES CHART WAS REMOVED FROM THE SET AS IT CONTAINED OUTDATED INFORMATION. A NEW PHOTO IS IN THE PROCESS OF BEING TAKEN AND WILL REPLACE THIS OUTDATED ONE SOON. ALL OTHER CHARTS IN THE SET ARE STILL PRESENT AS INDICATED IN THE ABOVE LISTING. Learn More
  7. Basic Course Student Registration Cards (25/pk)

    Used by Certified Instructors to help them keep track of current and past students. Index-sized card with place for course date, checklist of course(s) taken, name of student, student's prior shooting experience, etc. Learn More
  8. Basic Course Completion Cards (20/pk) (Restricted Item)

    A small wallet-sized card made specifically for use by NRA Certified Instructors to give to students upon completion of training courses. Allows instructor to write or type in the name of the student and the name of the basic training course completed. Instructor signature and date lines too. This item is restricted to NRA Trainers. Learn More
  9. Gun Safety Rules Card

    This newly designed NRA Gun Safety Rules Card is an attractive two sided yellow, white, and black card which contains the 3 Primary Rules for Gun Safety and the NRA Rules When Using or Storing a Gun. Learn More

    Starting at: $9.00

    These dummy rounds cannot be mistaken for live rounds and are totally inert. The brass case eliminates rim breakage and the one piece ABS will not compress. The color make them visible regardless of terrain and will glow brilliantly under black or blue light. These dummy rounds are used for malfunction drills, diagnosing shooting problems, gun handling drills and classroom work. Learn More

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